Wooton Style Aesthetic Movement Walnut Cabinet Secretary Desk, circa 1884

This magnificent desk was first introduced at the 1876 Philadelphia. Marketed to the public as theThe King of Desks! Wooton in 1878, it was the prized and highly sought after desk of all the 19th century’s high powered business moguls, such as Rockefeller, Pulitzer, and Gould. Completely machine made, it was usually made from black walnut with the contrasting lighter wood on the interior being pine, satinwood, or maple. There were four grades of desks – the Ordinary, The Standard, The Extra, and The Superior. Read More +

Wooton Patent Secretary, Superior Grade, Very Rare #0271

Superior Grade Wooton Patent Secretary with Carved Winged Griffin Gallery. Wooton Patent Secretary, Extremely Rare Superior Grade, with Carved Griffin Gallery. Intricately Carved cabinet doors, with inlaid and ormolu mounted inlaid drop down writing board, with black gold tooled writing surface. This extant example illustrates the finest quality of Victorian craftsmanship. Please see Antiquarian Traders website for detailed information on Wooton Desks and their history. PRICE FOR THIS DESK BY REQUEST ONLY. Dimensions when open: 76″H x 84″W x 37D Antiquarian Traders Inventory #0271. The Read More +